[dox'-ah] A belief system
or way of seeing things.


Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation / Expect More

For well over a decade now, DOXA has been privileged to work alongside Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation designing and developing its annual reports and supporting its efforts to promote racial, social, and economic justice in our state. 

The Foundation's most recent report highlights its Expect More initiative. Through Expect More, they ask all Arkansans to expect more of their state policies, educational institutions, workplaces, and most importantly, themselves. With a potential increase of nearly 1.5 million family-supporting jobs coming to Arkansas through the year 2023, Arkansans have an opportunity to prepare for a future of increased prosperity through the right kind of eduction. That includes job and technical training and certification as well as university degrees.

You can view this annual report at expectmore.wrfoundation.org.
Script development, art direction, production, and animation: Daniel Bertalotto, DOXA
Director of Photography: Mark Jackson, CHROMA
Narration: Corey Anderson, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation